Auf die Anwendung zur Handicapverwaltung und zum Erfassen von Scores kann im Smartphone über eine Browser zugegriffen werden.

Das geschieht über die Eingabe der URL und anschließendem einloggen mit den eigenen Benutzerdaten.


So sieht der Login-Bildschirm aus: - Login


Nach dem erfolgreichem Login ist der Home-Bildschirm zu sehen:

Weitere Funktionalitäten (Übersetzung folgt)

Fingertip Access

The free mobile service provides golfers fingertip access on smartphones to their information, relieving administrators from being the sole point of access for such information. No waiting for anyone else. See your information now.

Play Golf

Tap and post scores hole-by-hole as you play – or any time in any place – on your smartphone. Find courses in your favorites list or from the Course Database. View a map to see where a course is located.


Access your 9 and 18-hole score history. See whether a specific score was used in the handicap calculation or not. Compare your gross score to the adjusted gross score. See the handicap differential for each score.

Handicap Lookup

Lookup USGA Index, RCGA Factor or Custom Handicap; whichever your group uses. Display a Handicap Card (see screenshot below). View a Course Handicap Table (convert Index to Course Handicap based on Slope) to determine what handicap you should be using for a given course and set of tees.


View posted scores of other players in their group. View another player’s Handicap Card. See another player’s Course Handicaps. See a fellow group member’s contact information.


Edit your profile including address, phone numbers, email address. Change your password from Settings, if needed. Find help with a tap or two from Settings. Request to add a golf course to the Course Database.

Give it a whirl

Using a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your smartphone, go to to proceed to the Sign In screen. Type in the login information as you see it in the image below and then tap the „Sign in“ button.

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